Best VORTEX ideas from the field

Last week I was on site rolling out our Retention and Growth Formula (TM)  for a large sales convention. We brook the group into 8 teams and gave them an hour after the session to create their own VORTEX retention plan. Here are some of the best ideas form the presentations:

  1. Strategic fan hunting and tagging on Facebook to reward them with special gifts, prizes and discounts
  2. School programs for education and community involvement
  3. Thank you cards from the ownership of the company
  4. “Eat this bug contest” – (We were at the National Pest Management Association Conference)
  5. Client spotlight in newsletter
  6. Pictures of the technicians or installations specialists who will be arriving onsite
  7. Reminders for upcoming service that has been scheduled
  8. Ideal client survey for referrals
  9. 6 month QA and customer service survey
  10. Free safety demonstrations and meetings for clients
  11. Charity walks with clients or in sponsorship of client’s charities
  12. QA call 30 days after the contract is signed
  13. Business reviews 4-6 times a year
  14. Reverse pageants. – (If you really want to know call me!) For this business, in their region, a reverse pageant was a good idea but trust me, it won’t work everywhere!
  15. Community awareness and safety events
  16. Discounts for early pay and annual contracts
  17. Referral programs offering 1 month free for every new customer that signs up

What are your best ideas for building relationships with clients all year long?