Be Nice: Make some one feel special

I have always argued that being nice was a principal tenant of the top 10% of sales people. Harvard researchers agree with me, Mike Staver, and Joe Girard (Guinness book of records top sales person) agree with me and now….Donald Cooper agrees with me too! I am so glad that top thought leaders in sales, leadership and customer management are hoping on board the “nice” train.

Donald reminds us that there are 4 currencies important to people, Money, Time, Safety and Feeling Special. These four currencies are all things that are in limited supply and we want more of them.

How can you make your customers feel special? Provide them genuine compliments. If you think their business is great – tell them! If they have just won an award, Congratulate them! If they are a pleasure to do business with – tell them in front of their colleagues!! If they look good – tell them. ( but not in a creepy way just in a nice genuine way: Like “that colour is great on you!”)

There is no time like the present. According to Chases Book of Days today is National compliment. What does that mean? – find 5 people and provide them each a genuine compliment. Recognize someone today for the great job they have been doing for you. Tell them how much you appreciate the work they have been doing. Anything – as long as you mean it!

I think National Compliment Day should be everyday. Try it today, and you will reap so many rewards yourself, you too….will soon agree with me!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,