Are You a Sales Dinosaur?

Last weekend Chris and I took a trip to Fort Myers to visit my friend Susan Sweeney. Along the way we travelled route 41 the Tamiami Trail, or Alligator Alley. Right through the Everglades. And did we see Gators. They were literally lined up along the swamp next to the highway, soaking up the sun, and waiting for dinner. Unusual creatures. Unique, likely misunderstood. Hard shell on the outside but soft underside. Similar to sales professionals!Gators!

Alligators are also unchanged from their prehistoric roots. As close to Dinosaurs as we get. Sadly, also similar to most sales people. In fact, 80% of sales people will suffer or fail in this new economy for one simple reason. They refuse to abandon their prehistoric sales techniques for the next generation of ideas that work today.

What does encourage me are the other 20%, many of who are members of our Lead-Up! programs and registrants to the Engage Powerhouse Sales Event that have proven by implementing new ideas they will get great results despite the economy!  Peter, who has hit his quota for the year; Kim, who’s business is up 20% so far this year; Patrick who’s team is ahead of their numbers and is about to have their best year ever – despite that they work in the financial markets – and Skip and David who are growing their sales teams, are all part of the Engage Lead-Up community.

What these super stars also have in common is (1) their refusal to do things the same way they did last year and (2) they continuously invest in self improvement. Sure, never evolving may have worked for the Alligator as clearly they are thriving in the mud and swamp. Thinking metaphorically – is that where you really want to live? As a cold blooded creature in the mud? Just barely getting by? I didn’t think so.

So what are you waiting for? Take responsibility for making a change! I just finished a full day brainstorming with an innovative and forward thinking client on ways that we can impress the client, increase retention and increase referrals. All day we shared ideas to improve every step of the sales and marketing process. We documented. We prioritized. And then, everyone in the room committed to implement at least 3 new ideas immediately.

What made the day even more special was that the whole company was involved. Operations, Accounting, Marketing, and a major partner were all present and active. The day was a great example of modern sales thinking that will ensure increased profits. If you lead a forward thinking company consider implementing this exercise during your next company meeting. If you find yourself alone, do it yourself. Spend one hour today with a blank piece of paper and document all the opportunities in front of you, the approaches you are taking, and then ask “how can I improve on this?”

If you are stuck for the answer use our site as a resource Engage Selling or join us in April to mastermind, network and learn from the best at our Engage Powerhouse Sales Event. There are hundreds of sales professionals working with me currently to increase their results. You can join them and thrive in this new economy. It’s your choice, evolve your sales process now, or risk extinction soon.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

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