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Sales and Business Lessons from Mykonos (Part 2)

Thinking back to my post on Monday, another lesson we can learn from Mykonos is the value of adding value. Adding value, especially when it is not expected, creates a lasting impression in your customers minds and keeps them coming back. Even more, it converts your customers into evangelists bringing you more customers at little advertising costs.

For example:


Sales and Business Lessons from Mykonos

After a week in Mykonos, Greece, I’ve determined that Myconians are the most hospitable people in the world. And, I believe that the best investment any hospitality business can make is to send their people to Mykonos for observational training.

The way locals interact with their customers is outstanding. It’s memorable. And, it’s definitely profitable. 

Here are 4 general observations:


Two Overlooked Uses for Testimonials | Sales Tips

Our team spends a lot of time working with our clients on compelling value propositions and client testimonials. There are two ways to use client testimonials that are often overlooked that I think are some of the most powerful uses of this type of content.

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Grow Your Sales by Leaving Your Office

You’ve probably achieved a degree of success by doing the right things from the comfort of your office.

If you’re taking the right steps directly from your office, well done! The good news is, if you’re maximizing your efficiency during your work hours in the office, you can expect to achieve great sales results!

The better news? You can actually achieve even greater success by periodically stepping outside the boundaries of your office.


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