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Break Through to a Prospect Without Stalking | Sales Tips

Last week, we talked about persistence and I walked you through a call and email plan that’s designed to get somebody on the phone. There’s one other element of persistence that’s really important as you’re following up with an account and that is to be persistent with multiple people.


Creating Sales Dysfunction

Is your organization creating sales dysfunction without even knowing it?

I was coaching a sales executive this week and discovered that the company sets goals based on a September 1st FY start, yet the sales teams goals are set on a calendar year.

Think about the discontinuity for a second.


The Buyer You Are Trying to Reach is Currently Unavailable

I received a cold call today from a large consulting sales and marketing company, thought I should return it, just in case! When I dialed the number back I received an anonymous attendant’s voice stating that “The person you are trying to reach is currently not available.”

We’ve known for years that the relationship is king. They are paramount to sellers breaking through and getting to the next step.

Does an automated, anonymous voicemail recording foster any sense of relationship? Does it encourage me to want to start a conversation?

This buyer will definitely be unavailable when he calls back.

Improve Your Mindset. Improve Your Sales.

Your mindset is typically one of two things. It can either be one of your greatest tools or one of your worst obstacles. The good news is you get to choose which side of the spectrum your mindset sits.

If there’s one quality every successful salesperson can share, it’s their overall mindset for success.


The Single Most Important Sales Trait | Sales Tips

The world is run by people who follow up, and for sellers, that means being persistent.  You will win more business by being persistent than anything else. 

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