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Eliminate Your Wild Swings in Revenue

Is your business experiencing wild swings in revenue?

This may surprise you, but putting too much emphasis on closing business is actually counterproductive to increasing your revenues.

What?! Let me explain.

Every time one of your sales reps closes a sale, they should be adding three to four more leads to your pipeline. When you’re concentrating too much on closing business, it detracts focus from gaining new leads. Before long, you will have no new leads to close business with, and this is what causes swings in revenue or sales whiplash…as I like to call it! Not to worry, if you feel your team has fallen victim to laser-focusing on closing while sacrificing new leads, there’s a solution.

Are you wondering how you can attain consistent revenue?


Kickstart Your Sales & Marketing Team | Sales Tips

So I work with a lot of companies who aren’t big enough to have both a sales team and a marketing team. And you know what? That’s okay because especially in today’s selling environment, the very best sales people are also really strong marketers.

How to Succeed in a Slow Market

Is your market slowing down? Be sure not to get caught up in a “slow down” mindset!

While most salespeople will complain about the market, the successful salespeople will be looking for ways to turn a negative situation into a positive one. The majority of salespeople fail to realize that a market slowing down is actually the perfect opportunity to revise sales strategies and increase sales activity.

Think about it, the slower market does not just create problems for you, your competition is likely struggling as well. Chances are they’re facing the same challenges your sales team is facing, so it’s important to capitalize on this opportunity.

By switching yourself from a  “slow down” mindset to a “speed up” one, you are essentially taking the first step towards achieving prosperity in difficult markets.

Where Does Your Revenue Really Come From?

I have a question for you. Do you really know where your revenue comes from?

Most businesses can probably answer that question pretty quickly. It’s obvious, right?

Not so fast.

Recently, we’ve been involved in a very large sales reorganization. There are three sales teams, a channel sales team, a field sales team and an inside sales team. It was always assumed that the field sales team was the main revenue engine. After all, they were the ones going out, finding leads and closing business.

But, we uncovered something interesting…

Don’t Be Scared To Hire | Sales Tip

I know there are a lot of small businesses and startup businesses that pay attention to my site. Often, they come to me and they say, “Colleen, should I build out my sales team? It seems kind of expensive and cumbersome.”

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