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The Right Way to Measure Pipeline Velocity | Sales Tips

The majority of sales leaders and salespeople measure pipeline velocity the wrong way. Learn the right way to measure it.

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Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

You can discuss sales strategies, ideas, tips and methods to no end. You can set sales targets for your team to hit, implement a promising new strategy and motivate your sales reps with morning huddles. But, when the day starts, it’s up to your team to do the work and create the results. Salespeople don’t always struggle due to weak strategy, at times poor productivity habits will seriously hinder their progress as well.

Let’s cut to the chase. The best way for your team to achieve true productivity in their work day is to ask them to cut off all inbound access. Now, before your jaw drops too low, let me clarify that you should only ask that they do so temporarily, ideally an hour or two each day.

Consider asking them to turn their phone to silent or completely turning it off. They will also benefit from logging out of their email inbox while they work through important tasks. When your team is focusing on outbound business development prospecting, they should not have to deal with distracting, time-consuming tasks which take the focus out of their work day. It’s great to be able to multitask, but your team will always be able to accomplish more by laser focusing on the task at hand.

Want a perfect example of how this simple tweak in productivity can benefit your team?


Fitbit or Sellbit?

If more sellers embraced their sales day with the same vigour that they embraced their 10,000 step Fitbit challenges there would be a heck of a lot more companies accelerating revenue this year.

How about the next time you are inspired to take one more walk around the office to increase your steps, you also:

  • Make one more call.
  • Send one more email.
  • Ask for one more referral.
  • Connect with one more prospect on LinkedIn.
  • Ask for one more piece of business.

Hmm, could I create an app for that?

Why Sellers Need to be Specialists | Sales Tips

How well do you know your clients’ business problems?

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How to Speed Up Your Deals

You may have noticed this interesting trend…

Lost deals tend to be the same ones that stagnate during the proposal phase. That is, after completing a needs analysis, the deals that are ultimately missed are often the same ones that sit, and sit, and sit in the proposal phase. Interestingly enough, in our research, we’ve also found that completed deals don’t tend to stagnate in the proposal phase but they do spend more time in the needs analysis phase. In fact, completed sales on average spend two to three times longer in the needs analysis phase than sales that are lost.

Let’s go even deeper with this. (more…)

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