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Diving into Customer Success

Chris and I spent an afternoon scuba diving with the team at Key Dives. What an exceptional experience they created for everyone on the boat!

And, as usual, I can distill a number of lessons that you can use to grow your business from my experience. Here are the top three:

1) Expertise matters but it must be captivating as well. The captain of our boat was a commanding and authoritative man, but also fun and likeable. He had charisma and rapport with his crew and guests that made you want to listen to him. Diving is fun but also risky, and the briefings are critical for everyone’s safety. Our captain held the entire boat with rapt attention. As a contrast, when was the last time you saw a flight attendant receive 100% attention to their preflight briefing?

Lesson: Bored customers learn nothing (and buy nothing).

Managing More Opportunities in Less Time | Sales Tips

Want to make your sales process more effective? You may need to consider reducing this!

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Pre-Steps to Expanding Your Sales Team

RefreshJune10thExpanding your sales team shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you want to find the best possible fit for your growing team, you must do your due diligence beforehand. Unfortunately for many sales leaders, this simply means placing ads online or picking a few stand out resumes from a pile that have been submitted over an extended period of time.

Hiring success doesn’t come from a carefree, “go with the flow” mentality. There are certain pre-steps you should be taking to ensure a quality hire for your sales team.

Learn about these pre-steps in this article.

10 Key Thoughts to Maximize Your Sales

I’d liMaximizingYourSaleske to share a few thoughts with you. When traveling, working with clients and in my everyday interactions, I am always staying receptive to potential lessons that could benefit you. 

In case you were wondering, here is what has been on my mind for the last week. Some of them may seem obvious at first, but the number of sales leaders who are neglecting these simple ideas is staggering. Don’t let it be you!


Check This Stereotype at the Door | Sales Tip

It’s time for sales leaders to stop managing their teams based on assumptive behaviors of erroneous stereotypes.

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